The photo quality

Compare those photos of the same painting, treated in the same way in presence of the artist, to obtain colors closest to the real colors. (Photographer and graphic artist Helga Strobl)


Photo with Canon digital Eos D20, studio lights
light 3000 Kelvin, adapting with Photoshop
light 5000 Kelvin, adapting with Photoshop
Doug Petrovic, The clown
Doug Petrovic, The clown
Photo taken with digital consumer camera, day light, inside
Photo without any adapting
the same photo adapted with Photoshop


Light :

DOUG prefers the 5000 K light, which enables us to obtain an exact representation of his painting seen in plain day light. The softer 3000 K light leads to a representation of the clown as seen in artificial light.

As you may see, there remains a strong color difference though we did our best to get the same colors.
The choice of the light to use will always depend on the impression the artist wants to give
and on the type of art work (painting, wood, stone or metal sculpture etc.)


All pictures have the same size, 400 pixel height and about 60 kb. This is the size we use in 2007 for the photos of art wok on the basic web sites.

For the independent web sites and for the option "Enlarging the photos on click" the pictures are bigger, in pixel and in kb - see the Clown enlarged

Maximum quality:

The development of high speed Internet connections allows us to offer photos in ever increasing quality and to keep nevertheless fast loading web sites. There is no longer a technical limit to photo quality on Internet. If you wish, your visitors may see every detail of your art work, its structure, its real colors, your pencil strokes etc.

Compare this natural art work, once in real size, once zoomed in for details.
The photos are in limited quality to enable a quick presentation on the site.

exemple normal
exemple detail


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