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Organisation of shows - You wish to exhibit your art work in France? - We will find the best place for you!

Your show must be a success ! Give it the time needed for a perfect preparation: between 6 and 18 month, depending on size and place of your show !

Our services cover

The best place for your show

  • We will find a place to exhibit your art work - according to your budget, this may be a place free of charges (a restaurant or bistro, etc) or a rented space (gallery).
  • You may have a personal show or share the space and the costs with other artists. We will find other members, whose art work may co-exist with your own. (2 to 4 artists per show maximum)
  • Under certain conditions, you may participate on public shows or share a stand on a big art show.
  • We establish the contracts with the gallery and cover all other administrative work
  • Organizing fee minimum 100 Euro ht* (Transportation and assurance at your charge and responsibility, other services on your choice)
Service posters and invitation cards
  • Adapting of one good digital photo for printing in the respective sizes. If you do not have any photo in sufficient size and quality, we take one in our photo studio. (We have to receive the respective art work in time.)
    If you bring your own photo, you declare, that you own the copyright of the photo for the use on posters and invitation cards and that you have the agreement of the photographer to use it in this context.
    If you ask us to take a photo of one of your art works, you give the accord as author of the art work to publish the photo. The photographer keeps his copy rights as a photographer and he gives his authorization to publish the photo on your posters and cards.
  • Layout of posters and invitation cards - you choose sizes and numbers printed
  • Pre press and transfer of files to the printer
  • Prices: If you accept our choice of layout and for shows of members of the association only, we propose two different layouts for 150 Euros ht* for posters and cards.
  • If you wish to create a layout according to your ideas or to change an existing layout in a major way, we charge at normal rate for freelance graphic artists. (minimum 500 Euro ht* for both).
  • Printing costs: we propose printers who work at a good price according to the quantities desired. You may choose another printer. In this case we provide the files on CD.
  • Distribution of cards and posters is on the artist's charge and responsibility. We may take over posting of invitations and organize display of posters - price on demand.


Catalogues and brochures
  • Personal catalogues
  • Catalogues for group shows
  • Folders
  • Professional photo service
  • Layout
  • Prices on demand
  • Printing: we organize it, prices according to project
Transport of art work and other services for the show
  • Transport of art work in France and the European Union, Schengen space
  • Reception of works sent by you and return after the show
  • Framing (glass or wood frames)
  • Hanging, placement of sculptures, setting up of lights and spots etc.
  • Prices on demand
Press Communication
  • A good number of art magazines, regional or local papers bring announcements of art shows. The deadline to be published is at least two to four months before the show date. Communication of the details of your show to press publishing cultural events free of charge: minimal costs 150 Euro ht, depending on the region and the number of possible destinations.
  • More elaborated press work, contact with journalists, art critics, paid advertisements etc - on demand. This service has to be chosen at least 6 months before the show!

*Prices: ht = without French VAT of 19,6 % . According to your residence (inside or outside the EU) and your situation (private person or professional with VAT number) this tax has to be added or does not apply.

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