ASF takes professional photos of your art work

Photos of your art work and your shows

It's a conviction of our association, that each art work merits the best presentation. Therefore a graphic artist treats each photo presented on our web site. If possible we ask the artist to be present during the adapting of the colors to be as close to the real colors of the work as feasible. For difficult pictures, our foreign members may indicate their corrections by mail or choose between several versions.

The photos of our reports on the News pages are adapted in a more general way, but the photos of the individual web sites get all our attention. The only color adapting with the artist may take one to three hours, depending on the difficulty of the photos and the exigencies of the artist. To the benefit of our members, this service is not charged per hour but is included in every offer, even in the basic kit at 150 Euros.

Many of our members told us that we can work wonders with their photos on Photoshop,
but there is nevertheless a limit, if we have to work on bad photos.

Since March 2007 we offer a service "Professional Photos" (compare the quality)


Special offers for members only

Our photographer brings his mobile studio * to your place!
(Prices valid in France only, please contact us for other countries)

Offer "Photos Internet"

  • Photos of 10 art works
  • Adapting of the pictures selected for publication on your web site (RGB mode)
  • Final color adapting in your presence, allowing you to choose the finest color shades
Price for new members : 500 Euro ttc Price for active membres : 400 Euro ttc

 Offer "Small professional web site with 10 photos"

Price : 750 Euro ht  


"Photos Internet and Print"

     Photos of your art work - for members

    • 1/2 day of taking digital photos, film based photos as an option ( 20 - 40 art works)
    • Adapting of the pictures selected for publication on your web site (RGB mode) and for print (CMYK mode)
    • Final color adapting in your presence, allowing you to choose the finest color shades
    • Both versions of the photos delivered on CD for your personal use

    Price actif members : 650 Euros ht

     Photos of your art work, objects, buildings, ...

    Photos, shooting and treatment for the specified use, up to 1 hour Photoshop par hour of shooting.

    1/2 day shooting 850 Euro ht
    1day shootinge 1 200 Euro ht

    Costs of eventual film and prints additionally, copy rigths to be negociated before ordering.

Photos of your show


On the News pages you will find a great number of photos of shows organized by Artistes sans Frontières or by its members, taken either by us or by the members themselves. The choice to publish a photo belongs to the editor of the web site.

Each member may ask for a link from her or his personal site to the News page which reports her or his shows.
This service is free of charge.

 Offer "Professional Photos of your Vernissage"

    • Photos taken during your vernissage
    • Adapting of the pictures selected (RGB mode, max 1 MB)
    • Publishing of the photos on an additional page of your web site
    • A CD with the photos for your personal use
    • We reserve the right to publish a selection of the photos also on the News pages, without obligation on our part.
    Price for the evening, formembers: 150 Euro ht



Our equipement - Mobile Studio - copyrigths
  • A professional Canon digital SLR camera
  • A professional Canon SLR camera, if you desire also classical photos
  • Different photo lamps (cool daylight or warmer light)
  • An Apple laptop to load and check the photos immediately
  • Divers accessories


The mobile studio comes to your place: Paris intra-muros or Sète without surcharge,
outside of Paris or Sète minimum charge 100 Euros,
depending on the distance.

**Note:the copy rights for all photos and for all use beside the use specified
in every offer remain with the photographer.



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